Christmas Novelties

Printed Christmas Ribbons


Funky Forest, Article 80231 Col. 1

Merry Tree, Article 80236 Col. 1

Festive Robin, Article 80230 Col. 1

Eat, Drink & Be Merry, Article 80232 Col. 1

Leaves & Berries, Article 80235 Col. 1

Christmas Puddings, Article 80233 Col. 1

Arctic Friends, Article 80234 Col. 1

A fun and contemporary collection of novelty print designs brand new for Christmas 2018. Festive friends like robins, polar bears and penguins in bright colours create a modern twist on classic Christmas.

Funky Forest, Article 80231
Merry Tree, Article 80236
Festive Robin, Article 80230
Eat, Drink & Be Merry, Article 80232
Leaves & Berries, Article 80235
Christmas Puddings, Article 80233
Arctic Friends, Article 80234

WIDTHS: 15mm
REELS: 25m

Washing_Symbols-50line_03 Washing_Symbols-cross-triangle_07 Washing_Symbols-iron1spot_09 Washing_Symbols-P_12 Washing_Symbols-open-circle_15

Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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