Petrol 9654

Blue Note 9603

Hortensia 9625

Horizon 9613

Silver 9702

Grey 9433

Gris-foncé 9689

Dolphin 9924

Raven 9953

Black Coffee 9985

Black 9725

Citron 9452

Yellow 9573

Maize 9528

Gold 9402

Nuss 9533

Khaki 9687

Lodengrün 9642

Moss 9549

Bocage 9409

Reseda 9611

Apple Green 9527

Laitue 9786

Emerald 9456

Bottle 9621

Olive 9926

White 9401

Écru 9607

Eggshell 9564

Blonde 9602

Earth 9597

Café 9636

Tabac 9539

Brown 9525

Cuban Brown 9429

Havanne 9706

Acajou 9415

Copper 9447

Beige 9427

Coral 9618

Abricot 9683

Orange 9445

Capucine 9601

Red 9629

Scarlet 9644

Dark Red 9614

Wine 9424

Bordeaux 9390

Burgundy 9434

Fuchsia 9709

Beauty 9422

Shocking Pink 9421

Baby Pink 9598

Blush Rose 9572

Dusty Rose 9623

Alt Rose 9645

Colonial Rose 9263

Pink 9630

Lilas Clair 9628

Violet 9609

Purple 9634

Plum 9581

Nachtblau 9638

Navy 9419

Royal 9418

Corn 9523

Venetian Blue 9197

Orient 9616

Saxe 9713

Faience 9522

Williamsberg Blue 9536

Berisfords Ribbons have been providing a wide selection of high quality velvet ribbons for many years, cementing our status as one of the most reputable wholesale ribbon manufacturers around. These ribbons exude style and quality, with a 100% nylon pile and a soft indulgent finish that will add sophistication to any garment, home textile or premium packaging that is under production.

Our luxury velvet ribbons have rightly earnt their place amongst some of our most popular trims, and for good reason. They have a timeless elegance that keeps customers coming back again and again, with this design never going out of style. This is the perfect reason for you to be safe in the knowledge that you are making a smart purchase with our velvet ribbons!

For more information about Berisfords velvet ribbons, feel free to contact our team of experts, and we will be able to help you with any enquiry you may have. Call us today on 01260 274011 or email us at for a quick and informed response.

Would you like to see what our velvet ribbons look like in person before you purchase? Be sure to order a shade card now to find your perfect colour match.

Velvet ribbons are made with a 100% nylon pile and then given a soft velvet finish. They offer a timeless look and are made at Berisfords Ribbons where we have been producing ribbons for more than 160 years. Our range are available in a rainbow of colours – we offer more than 70 different shades.
It is safe to iron velvet ribbon. Luxury velvet ribbons are also machine washable up to 50 degrees Celsius. Our range comes in a variety of widths from 9mm to 50mm and is available in reels of lengths between 5m and 150m.
You can prevent velvet ribbon from fraying by cutting it a diagonal angle or cutting the ends into a ‘V’ shape. This helps as the edge of the ribbon is the most likely area to fray. Our velvet ribbon is made to meet our own exceptional standards as well as that of our customers.

    Order a shade card

    9mm: 5m & 150m
    16mm: 5m & 100m
    22mm: 5m & 75m
    36mm: 5m & 50m
    50mm: 5m & 50m


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    Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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