Cosmetics Packaging


Whether you’re retailing in premium cosmetics or specialise in affordable makeup – there’s no question that adding a bespoke ribbon or bow to your cosmetics packaging can transform your product helping increase potential sales. That’s why, here at Berisfords Ribbons we offer a personalised packaging service, designing and sizing ribbons and bows to your specific requirements to compliment and enhance your cosmetic or make-up packaging.

Wholesale cosmetic packaging made in the UK

Ribbon packaging is something we’re incredibly experienced in and over the years we have worked with a diverse range of big brand names as well as smaller independent businesses. From perfumes, soaps, bath bombs to make-up products and many more, we can help you make the very most of your product packaging. Our stocked collection of ribbons offer a wide range of colours, widths, and finishes and can be converted into bows, cut lengths or sewn into loops to slip easily onto a gift box. All of our bows are tied by hand by our experienced team and are quality checked to the highest standards.

Personalised Wholesale Cosmetic Containers

Over the years, we have expanded our ribbon collections to offer a style and option for every industry, and as well as our off-the-shelf options, we also offer personalised ribbon so that you can make your cosmetics packaging an extension of your brand with ease.

Whether it’s your company name, or a special message – our personalised ribbon can add a unique element to your cosmetic packaging to help you stand out from competition and catch the eye of your ideal customer.

Not sure what sort of cosmetics packaging ribbon to opt for? Our team of experts would be more than happy to help you – so why not give us a call on 01260 274 011 or email

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