Wishing You a Sustainable Christmas

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As windows fill with decorations and music rings across the aisles, the Christmas shopping season is well underway. Delicate Poinsettia and luxury chocolate boxes fill shelves as traditional favourites of the season contest for attention across the market. Appeal to customer sustainable values by incorporating Berisfords ribbons in the packaging of your product.

Noticing the growth in environmentally conscious purchases, Berisfords Ribbons provides recycled ribbons focused on a premium style to offer a packaging solution aligned with their values. Quality remains consistent with the ability for delicate Satin and rustic Grosgrain to flow across premium boxes and wraps in a flourish of shades to provide a deluxe finish.

Your favourite classics

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Themes of Sapphire Blue and Spring Green build your branding beyond the logo. With one of the most extensive Grosgrain Ribbon collections in the UK, bringing both a flair of extravagance and brand awareness to your range is attainable. Dress snow-drop white flowers in bands of yellow or finalise gift boxes in textured greys for a modern impression.

Those aiming for shining opulence can choose a Double Faced Satin bow to tie their products together with a luxurious finishing touch. Eighty tones offer versatile purpose, with Peacock and Flame creating a Christmas theme that is quirky and unique, or opt for Red and Gold to bring a classic look. Adorn a customer purchase with a satin finish and see your product become a highlight of the season.

Sustainably luxurious

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Sustainable ribbon captures the heart of any browsing customer, with a global drive to purchase environmentally minded. 100% recycled polyester yarn combines customers’ visual and ethical requirements by succeeding in both process and completion. Used Plastic bottles become the basis before melting and spinning into yarn for luxury purposes.

As Christmas brings the highest impact on plastic waste within the UK, packaging choices that meet both environmental and consumer needs are a top priority. Find favour from customers making a selection between two possibilities, as they support those with a sustainable outlook. Make chocolate box decisions easy, with packaging that fits perfectly on their table as well as fitting perfectly with their values.

Recycled in every way

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Grosgrain and satin ribbons are not only made using recyclable yarns – their long-life duration allows for repurposing time after time. Customers find themselves captivated by a luxury Sky Blue bow, which elegantly wraps future gifts for years to come. Ensuring a future for recycled packaging reinforces the positive environmental impact given by the ribbon.

Berisfords gives businesses a sustainable option for packaging solutions year-round. The addition of a satin ribbon bow wrapping around a gift box elevates any product beyond standard, delicately presenting their desired item with a unique finish. Take a look at our Recycled Ribbon range here or get in touch for help meeting your exact packaging goal.

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