Recycled ribbons that do not cost the Earth

Are you looking for a sustainable packaging solution for your product?

Here at Berisfords, we are always proud to be at the forefront of a new product and design innovation, especially when it helps the environment. That is why we are delighted to be able to offer a range of recycled ribbons that are manufactured from 100% recycled polyester yarn.

We saw our opportunity to create eco-friendly ribbons that can help the environment in the future, as well as the present. It isn’t just about how these ribbons impact the environment too, as they also look the part. Do you think we would sell you ribbons if they were not worthy of purchasing?

With the ever-increasing worldwide focus and awareness on recycling and sustainability, we have partnered with a European yarn supplier to develop sustainable ribbons that are woven with yarns that are made from 100% post-customer waste – “PET” or to put it simply, “plastic bottles”.

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How is the recycled ribbon made?

The used plastic bottles that we use for our recycled ribbons are collected via various recycling points within mainland Europe. These bottles are then thoroughly cleaned for hygienic purposes and are then broken down into smaller plastic elements. These plastic flakes are melted back into a liquid form then converted into filaments. A number of filaments are then combined together and spun to create a 100% recycled ribbon yarn.

100,000m of 25mm satin uses 12,000 recycled bottles

100,000m of 25mm satin uses 12,000 recycled bottles

That’s 12,000 bottles not going to waste, landfill or damaging the wider environment

That’s 12,000 bottles not going to waste, landfill or damaging the wider environment

Want to personalise your ribbon?

To promote your brand you can create personalised printed ribbons using our new, sustainable ribbon. Your personalised ribbon is made using our extensive printing facilities and print methods to cover every conceivable request. You may opt for a company logo or if you would like us to create custom artwork, our in house design team are on hand to guide you through the process and offer their expertise.

We also offer a bespoke bow tying service, producing decorative packaging that is tailor-made to your product requirements helping to reinforce your brand identity with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Certified by GRS

Our recycled ribbons are certified by GRS. The GRS is the Global Recycled Standard. Oeko Tex, the global industry standard for textiles, have also certified the product.

The manufacture and use of the recycled yarns promote sustainability and reduces environmental impact through the reduction in waste.

Recycled ribbons

At Berisfords Ribbons we are committed to manufacturing ribbons that don't cost the environment, providing a sustainable option for the future. We use thousands of used plastic bottles to reproduce beautiful ribbons so they are taken away from the ocean or general landfill, avoiding damage to these areas from items that could be recycled.
Recycled ribbons last the same length of time as all of the other ribbons in our collection with the bonus of being constructed from sustainable sources, in this case used plastic bottles. We like to think that all of our ribbons can be reused and re-gifted therefore fulufilling more than just a single use product.
That is definitely the plan! In fact from 2021 onwards we are committed to upgrading all of our UK manufactured ribbons to 100% recycled yarn.


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