Weaving sustainability into ribbon manufacturing

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Berisfords are proud to remain at the forefront of new product and design innovation; especially when our creations positively contribute to the environment.

We are fully committed to manufacturing ribbons that help to reduce the impact on the environment, providing a sustainable option for the future. We are now delighted to be able to offer Satin and Grosgrain ribbons that are manufactured with recycled polyester yarn.

The yarn is created from thousands of used plastic bottles that are otherwise destined for the ocean or landfill, woven together to produce beautiful ribbons. This innovative form of repurposing waste materials helps in part to prevent damage to the environment and is one element of a wider sustainability plan that Berisfords follows.

From bins to bows; the making of recycled satin and grosgrain ribbon

Berisfords have carefully sourced a recycled polyester (rPET) yarn comprised of 100% used plastics to develop a new line of ribbons. From grinding to extrusion, each and every one of the yarns (and therefore the ribbons) has completed quite the journey

Our commitment to high standards and sustainable materials has enabled our yarn to be certified with GRS; the Global Recycled Standard and also by Oeko Tex ®; the global industry standard for textiles.

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12,000 recycled bottles; a new chapter as sustainable ribbon

Did you know 100,000 meters of 25mm satin ribbon uses over 12,000 plastic bottles?
This huge volume of recycled ribbon has a plethora of applications, not limited to;

  • Sustainable packaging solutions
  • Bespoke printing
  • Branded ribbons
  • Garment making
  • Bows & cut lengths
  • Fastening systems

Alongside the environmental benefits, It’s reassuring to know that sustainable solutions have no impact on the quality of the ribbon. Our Satin and Grosgrain recycled ribbons have incredible durability and last the same length of time as all the other ribbons within our core collection. The added bonus is that they’re constructed from sustainable resources, but why stop there? As all our ribbons and bows are manufactured to the highest quality, we’re confident that they can be re-used and re-gifted again and again, becoming so much more than just a single use product.


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Let Berisfords work with you to create a sustainable future for packaging

As of 2021, we have taken the pledge to make steps towards replacing the raw materials of each of our UK manufactured ribbons with recycled yarn. As a business, we are mindful of the impact the packaging industry has on the planet and are always ready to consider new technologies and ideas to ensure we play our part.

If you are ready to join the conversation and learn how sustainable ribbons could help shape your strategy, get in touch with our team today.

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