Top tips for creating Christmas ribbon decorations

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Getting prepared for the Christmas season? It’s never too early!

With an abundance of hand-picked gifts and beautiful displays to plan for, selecting your wrapping throughout the year ensures you have ample to choose from. Whether you are looking for a modern touch or a classic festive scene, Berisfords’ brand-new 2023 Christmas collection delivers a luxury selection of ribbons to suit any occasion.

At every age, there is nothing better than shimmering decorations and luxurious packaging lining shops and homes. At Berisfords, our collections of ribbons are crafted with traditional weaving methods to ensure the most stunning and professional finish. Are you wondering how to create a showstopping display this Christmas? Take a look at our tips below!

Christmas ribbon crafts

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Looking to add a little personality to your décor? Why not partake in Christmas crafting to get into the spirit? Settle in on a frosty evening and create some gorgeous festive wreaths with Snow Globe ribbon. Delicately drape a hoop with penguins partying in the snow, ready to hang proudly on the door.

Fill Christmas trees with sparkling Luster ribbon. Whether your theme is traditional green or modern monochrome, our 6 shades provide the perfect addition to any centrepiece. With wired edges, these shimmering golds and reds, to name a few, create beautiful bows providing an exquisite dressing that will impress anyone sitting around the tree.

Christmas ribbon wrapping

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If you are planning on raising the bar with your Christmas wrapping this year, we are here to help. It’s time to spread love, peace, and joy with our Christmas Greetings ribbon. Intricate messaging woven into a soft pallet of beautiful ribbons gently ties chocolate boxes, wrapped products, or gifts to build excitement to open gifts on the big day.

Take the anticipation one step further with the fun of a North Pole ribbon, filled with the magic of St Nicholas making his way to houses on Christmas Eve. Children will adore the sight of illustrated Santa Claus faces wrapped across special gifts, waiting to be opened. Spread the joy further with Christmas Eve boxes, wrapped with Naughty or Nice messaging, perfect for those who cannot wait!

Sustainable Christmas ribbon

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As many of us are aware, Christmas is often a straining time for our environment. With the expectation of wrapping, plastic adhesives, and product packaging, it can be difficult to celebrate sustainably. Within our new 2023 collection, you will find various eco-friendly options, keeping all the festivity and luxury of the season but with a ribbon woven with recycled yarn.

Berisfords also creates ribbons to last. This means that each striking design has a lifetime far beyond a one-time use. By wrapping gifts and products with our beautiful collection, continue to amaze recipients year after year without fail.

Aiming to create a stunning, final finish to your Christmas Day? Take a look at the all-new Berisfords Christmas collection for 2023. If you require something a little more bespoke to amaze giftees, Let’s talk!

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