Sustainable Satin Luxury

Satin 300x199 - Sustainable Satin Luxury - Berisfords Ribbons

Looking for that certain something to elevate your captivating range? Deliver a sense of luxury to your customers with Satin ribbon neatly wrapped around your packaging, a reminder of your brand’s devotion to creating products of the highest quality. Broaden audience appeal further with a Satin bow decoration constructed from 100% recycled polyester yarn.

Berisfords are committed to delivering ribbons which add a rich stylish essence to your merchandise, whilst incorporating environmentally conscious values to align with your brand. With a collection of 80 shades of double-sided satin, discover the ideal fit for your brand colour, event, or product.

Seasonal satin

3501 Double sided satin 200x300 - Sustainable Satin Luxury - Berisfords Ribbons

As the discussion of Christmas heightens, the time for chocolate boxes clad in merry red satin with an apple green bow entices customers to purchase a uniquely beautiful, sweet treat over a plain selection box. Poinsettia plant pots adorned in 25mm Scarlett Berry ribbon become the seasonal sell-out as they capture the eye of every passer-by.

80 shades provide a captivating solution for every occasion, all year-round. Soft pink wedding shades can be complimented with Pink Azalea to tie bespoke bouquets – admired by all throughout the event. Secure birthday boxes of hand-selected gifts with double-faced ribbon strap, and finished with a hand tied bow which shines from every angle.

Sustainable luxury

Recycled ribbons 200x300 - Sustainable Satin Luxury - Berisfords Ribbons

Commitment to environmental sustainability remains a vital consideration within packaging solutions. 4 out of 5 consumers opt for a brand with an eco-friendly output, presenting an opportunity for businesses to offer consumers a chance to decrease use of non-recyclable Sellotape used on gift boxes and wrapping. Our satin is woven into ribbon using recycled polyester yarn created from used waste plastic bottles.

Quality does not falter with a finish that exudes the extravagant style that is synonymous of traditional satin. Refresh immaculate double-sided ribbon as attractive bows, wraps, and decorations after numerous uses, with washing and ironing abilities returning it to the original condition.

Autumnal shades

3501.mulberry satin 300x199 - Sustainable Satin Luxury - Berisfords Ribbons

Replicate autumnal weather in Meadow greens, Liberty purples, and Taupe browns, wrapping to create a gift exceeding the classic. Shower your range with features which seize attention and reflect the environmentally friendly conscious customers.

Our recycled ribbon provides luxury built from sustainability. Find these branded or seasonal satin ribbon shades here. Looking for something more unique? Contact our team of experts.


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