Elevate your Easter creations

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Make your Easter bonnets, handmade crafts and decorations stand out from the crowd this April, with our ribbon collections that are bursting with pastel hues, perfect patterns, and a wealth of designs.

Our Easter collection is synonymous with the arrival of warmer weather and brighter days, filled with colour and bold prints. Dotty designs, dainty chicks and daisy patterns will help your ideas spring to the next level.

Indulge in luxury ribbons this Easter

Searching for a more traditional look? Weave our spring gingham, spots, and striped ribbons and bows into your Easter celebrations.

Our ribbons and bows can be used for all manner of Easter festivities this year, including the decoration of your favourite sweet treats. All our ribbons go through strict quality checks and are certified with Oeko Tex standards to guarantee they are of the highest textile standard before sale.

For ribbons intended for direct food contact like chocolates or cakes we offer a food coating service that prevents staining from fats and sugars. We pride ourselves on offering the highest standards of safety by rigorously testing all cake ribbon in our accredited laboratory for colour fastness, and wet and dry rubbing. This is to ensure there can be no transfer of colour or chemicals from ribbon to food leaving nothing but a sweet taste in your mouth!

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On the hunt for sustainable branded ribbon packaging?

Make unique packaging with branded ribbon and bows.

Here at Berisfords, we have over 165 years of experience in creating bespoke ribbons that can be adapted to reflect your brand identity or colour theme. These tailored packaging solutions are then often used for seasonal launches to make a statement or integrated into all year-round collections.

Alongside the quality production of branded ribbons to elevate your packaging, we are also committed to putting sustainability at the heart of our operations. As a business, we have pledged to upgrade the majority our UK manufactured ribbon to 100% recycled yarn enabling products such as our GRS and Oeko-Tex certified ribbon to be seamlessly woven into your ethical business plan.

Hop into Easter celebrations with our ribbon collection

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Having such an extensive range of ribbons allows our customers true autonomy when planning their packaging designs. If there is a particular style, pattern, colourway or aesthetic you are trying to achieve, our team of experts can guide you through the process of building your own beautiful concept.

However, if you find that you require a more ‘off-the-shelf’ solution, our vast collection of pre-made ribbon has plenty to offer. From our core designs to fancy ribbons for special occasions, there is something for all.

To explore exceptional new ribbon this Easter, make sure to contact the Berisfords Team today.

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