Future-proofing our planet through recycled ribbons

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It is becoming increasingly important to consider the impact our actions can have on the world we live in. Our team at Berisfords have always championed eco-conscious activity, which is why we have been searching for ways in which we can make our ribbons even more sustainable.

Our market and consumer research has enabled our manufacturing processes to deliver a range of recycled ribbons, spun with recycled polyester yarn. These more sustainable ribbons have the ability to not only help our Earth in the future, but protect it in the present.

As gift packaging experts we have worked with many different sectors from Cosmetics, floristry, confectionary and food. Creating ribbon solutions that will enhance your product and give it the shelf appeal that sets it apart from your competitors. All bows are tailor made to your specific requirements, cut with heat seal technology to prevent fraying and then tied by hand for a truly bespoke finish.

How do Berisfords create recycled ribbons?

Whilst your requirements for a ribbon may be for consumer sale, to decorate or to distribute, it is interesting to learn how recycled ribbons are made. Plastic bottles are the main component of our sustainable ribbons. We harvest these bottles at multiple recycling points across Europe, before they are processed, cleaned and broken down into much smaller plastic flakes.

Once all of the filaments have been combined together and spun into metres of brightly colour ribbon, the end result yields a recycled product. Ribbon that comes with the added bonus of preventing over 12,000 plastic bottles going to waste. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers who are keen to identify that every point in the supply chain of their product has sustainable credentials!


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Recycled ribbon for all your needs

Here at Berisfords, we have over 165 years of experience creating bespoke ribbons and bows to suit your every need. This experience has helped us develop a wide range of recycled Satin and Grosgrain ribbons.

Our extensive dyeing facilities and print methods together deliver a wide variety of shades and designs available across our sustainable ribbon range. The results being a range of ribbons that not only help your business pave the way to a sustainable future, but also can be personalised to meet your brand requirements.

All of our Satin and Grosgrain ribbons are UK manufactured here at our Cheshire mill, lowering the carbon footprint with the added benefit of faster lead times for sampling and orders.

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Prepare for the future with our ribbon collections

 Having such an extensive range of sustainable ribbons allows our customers true autonomy when planning their packaging designs. We take pride in being able to provide ribbons that are not only of great quality but products that leave a lasting positive legacy and set an example to the wider packaging industry.

If you are struggling to find a solution a Satin recycled ribbon collection that meets your packaging requirements, feel free to contact our team of experts and we can guide you through the process of bringing to life your own concept. 

To explore exceptional new recycled ribbon collections, make sure to contact the Berisfords Team today.









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