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Easter is almost upon us, but amongst the chocolate eggs and the family get-togethers comes the tradition of the Easter bonnet parade that happens at your children’s school each year. If like so many other parents you find yourself struggling last minute for Easter bonnet ideas, then you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re ready to share some of our favourite Easter hat inspiration that not only look great but are easy to do with some taking less than 10 minutes to put together!

Perfect for those who prefer spending their time enjoying an Easter egg . . . or three!

Use Easter ribbon for the perfect Easter bonnet creations

Ribbon has been synonymous with Easter for as long as we can remember, so when it comes to creating seasonal Easter bonnet hats that stand out and look like you haven’t put them together the night before – we can’t recommend our range of Easter ribbon enough!

Need some inspiration? Take a look at our 2020 Easter ribbon collection:

Happy Easter Eggs ribbon

Happy Easter Egg 80544 72dpi 300x94 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords Ribbons

Ideal for springtime crafting and chocolate gifts, our Happy Easter Eggs ribbon boasts a striking colourway against a white background for a stand-out gifting experience. Featuring a unique hand-drawn inspired design, our Easter egg ribbon will be sure to impress, whether given as part of a gift or used to create something homemade and special.

Daisy Chain ribbon

Daisy Chain 80545 72dpi col2 300x94 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords RibbonsDaisy Chain 80545 72dpi col1 300x94 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords RibbonsDaisy Chain 80545 72dpi 300x94 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords Ribbons

Easter ribbon doesn’t get more traditional than our Daisy Chain design, which has been made available in a range of three colourways to complement any gift or crafting project. Whether you opt for pretty pink, spring green or sunshine yellow, our Daisy Chain Easter ribbon makes for the perfect accessory.

Spring Garden ribbon

Spring Garden 80546 72dpi col1 300x94 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords Ribbons

Our Spring Garden Easter ribbon offers a cute alternative to the more traditional wholesale Easter ribbon options on the market right now. Boasting shades influenced by spring, and a sweet garden-inspired design, this Easter ribbon will undoubtedly bring a smile to anyone’s face this Easter.

If you require samples of any of our ribbon, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Three easy Easter bonnet ideas you can do at home

Whether you’re working to a tight schedule or have a little room for preparation, our Easter bonnet ideas cater to all, and are guaranteed to look fabulous in time for the big day!

  1. Simple Easter bonnet

Perfect if you’re a little last minute, this Easter bonnet is traditional, simple and the best bit? It takes less than 10 minutes to put together!

What you will need:

  • A plain straw hat
  • Easter ribbon of your choice
  • Crafting glue

Optional extras:

  • Homemade or bought paper flowersshutterstock 74407201 240x300 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords Ribbons

This is a super easy Easter idea to put together and looks cute and effortless for the big day. If you’re really pressed for time, all that’s required is a strip of wholesale Easter ribbon which is long enough to wrap around the base of the hat once (see image for reference).

Using crafting glue simply join the end of the Easter ribbon around the hat and keep pressure on the closing for a few seconds to ensure it sticks. Leave this to dry overnight so it is ready to wear in the morning!

If you’re feeling fancy and have a little extra time, paper flowers (homemade or bought) glued to the hat wherever you or your little one likes can really liven up this Spring-inspired bonnet.

  1. Easter bunny bonnet

What is Easter without a little visit from the Easter bunny? This Easter bonnet idea is great if you have time to get a little more creative and want to make something attention-grabbing!

What you will need:

  • A plain straw hat
  • Easter ribbon of your choice
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Paper or material flowers
  • Crafting glue

Optional extras:

      • Polystyrene carrots
      • Plastic or polystyrene Easter eggs



shutterstock 1377719003 300x225 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords Ribbons

Ideal if you have additional time on your side, this beautiful Easter bonnet uses a healthy combination of Easter ribbon and crafty extras to make a bunny-inspired bonnet. And, although it looks complicated, this can be made in just an hour or two – so no need to worry about getting it done in time!

To begin, you want to take your wholesale ribbon of choice and attach this around the base of your straw hat in the same way as we did for the first bonnet idea. Once this is secure, it’s now time to get artsy! Using a stencil or free hand, draw a pair of rabbit ears onto card, and cut these out ready to glue onto the front of your bonnet!

That’s the precise parts out of the way, now it’s the fun bit that your little one will love to get involved in! Simply glue your flowers around the base of your hat, using the Easter ribbon as a guide. You can opt for as many or as few as you like.

After that, if you’re wanting to add any extras such as carrots or Easter eggs, now is the time to get your glue and put those in place. We advise leaving everything for around 30 minutes to dry and set.

  1. Traditional Easter bonnet

Another great option if you’re limited on time and want something sweet and traditional to send your little one off to school in, this traditional Easter bonnet optimises the use of ribbon to create an elegant looking Easter hat.

What you will need:

  • A plain straw hat
  • Easter ribbon of your choice
  • Crafting glue
  • Craft flowers
  • Craft foliage
  • Scissors


shutterstock 75333376 199x300 - Easy Easter Bonnet Ideas - Berisfords Ribbons

To make this traditional Easter bonnet you want to start by carefully making two slits in the rim, close to the base of the hat using scissors. Then, taking your favourite Easter ribbon you want to then thread two pieces into the slits, creating knots on the top of the hat to stop the ribbon sliding back through.

Next, take your craft foliage around the base of the hat, and glue it into place. This will work as a cover-up for the ribbon knots you’ve created, as well as looking fantastic!  We recommend leaving this to dry for around 20 minutes, before grabbing your craft flowers and adding these in.

Once all is dry your hat will be ready to wear the next day! Secure by simply tying the ribbon underneath the chin in a pretty bow.

Order your Easter ribbon supplies

The team at Berisfords Ribbons are on hand if you want to contact us with any enquiries you may have about our products or service. We have been experts in ribbon manufacture and production for many years now, so feel free to get in touch with our team of friendly ribbon specialists and we will gladly discuss your requirements with you. Our Easter ribbon collection is available to order today, so why not get in touch with us to order your wholesale ribbon today?



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