Printed Halloween Ribbons

A spooky collection of ribbons

Dancing Skeleton, Article 80257 Col. 1

Spooky Friends, Article 80258 Col. 1

Trick or Treat, Article 80259 Col. 1

Pumpkins, Article 80260 Col. 1

Spiders Web, Article 80261 Col. 1

Happy Halloween, Article 80262 Col. 1

A supernatural new range of Halloween designs for fright night celebrations. Choose from spooky motifs like skeletons, pumpkins and spiders or trick or treat designs in a creepy colour palette of green, orange and black.

Dancing Skeleton, Article 80257

Spooky Friends, Article 80258

Trick or Treat, Article 80259

Pumpkins, Article 80260

Spiders Web, Article 80261

Happy Halloween, Article 80262

WIDTH: 25mm
REELS: 20m

Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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