Traditional Ribbon Springing Packaging to Life

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Looking to create the perfect springtime styling for blooming bouquets or luxury wash sets? Take the traditional route for a direction loved by all Gingham ribbon is a firm favourite, completing any packaging design with a flair of bright colour.

Here at Berisfords Ribbons, we pride ourselves on perfecting our woven Gingham ribbon collection. As one of our long-established ribbon types, our extensive colours range from rustic tones to sheer textures provided by a quality weaving process. Our 100% commitment to this quality ensures our design reputation remains strong and has done over the last 160 years.

The essence of spring

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As spring sets in, fresh colours settle across the country. Communicate this to florist customers with intricate patterns of Lemon and white elegantly looping beautiful tulip arrangements together, before securing them with a tight bow. With over a dozen rich colourways in five widths, any selection of flowers is transformed into a desirable gift or favour.

Craft enthusiasts with children will adore the selection of shades to add elements of style to spring clothing. Children’s primary school dresses in Red gingham can be entirely matched with a bright hair bow or ribbon headband. Our washable design offers parents a long-lasting quality for any homemade accessory used within school environments.

Summer party décor

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Those adding homemade décor to special occasions will appreciate the attractive colour variations to choose from. Spring and summer events can use the traditional ribbon across furniture, with weddings particularly sparking the use of Steel and Black colours. Ribbons wrapping together cutlery and bows tied to wine bottles will produce a classic theme for the day.

Our Gingham Ribbons are skilfully crafted with proficiency to remain of premium quality after considerable washes. The long-wearing nature makes the ideal accompaniment for sustainable brands as customers can utilise the versatile qualities for bespoke projects and gifts. Burgundy trim transforms, becoming an excellent bow to complete a loved one’s birthday present.

Sheer subtlety

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Chocolatiers looking to impress customers can use a traditional ribbon with a twist. Incorporating sheer Meadow green ribbons into packaging delivers a subtle and soft texture to wrap elegance across box layers. Bows intrigue the browsing eye with the vision of luxury handmade truffles and caramels layered inside.

Berisfords provide Gingham ribbon across the UK, bringing a packaging solution guaranteed to impress any customer. The continued popularity of these checkered trims after many years showcases the UK’s passion for the traditional patterned appearance of the ribbon, making it the perfect luxury ribbon to accompany any packaging. Take a look at our full range here, or if you are looking for something a little more unique, contact us here.

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