Tie The Knot With Luxury Wedding Ribbon

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Each wedding is different, and catering to those distinctive themes will capture the attention of every happy couple. Radiate bliss with that perfect, final touch. Luxury ribbons tying together bouquets of handpicked flowers, whilst bows sit elegantly on bottles of champagne will establish the tone for the extraordinary occasion.

Berisfords proudly welcome the 2023 Hearts and Flowers collection, infusing detailed perfection into every style of wedding, event or special occasion. Our Cheshire-crafted ribbon is made from traditional weaving methods, continuing the high-quality reputation for over 160 years. Delve into a range of classic shades and appearances, designed to create a collection that reflects the latest trends.

Traditional themes

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Traditional wedding themes of creamy whites and shimmering golds elevate a popular wedding aesthetic. Those preferring the elegantly classic elements can opt for ribbons in the Confetti collection to tie together blossoming bouquets. Intricate foil Lucky Horseshoes bring the symbol of love and good luck to the bride-to-be, an ideal selection for those keeping to the conventional values.

Couples with a sleek flair can utilise monochrome themes of the Black Tie collection – a stylish addition to any gift. Finding the perfect favour is a difficult task but with this chic selection to choose from even the plainest of boxes is transformed into a luxury gift. Modernise customer choice with additions of black and white bows to chocolate boxes and wash sets, adding a personal shimmer to amaze the giftee.

The bohemian touch

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Create the perfect event styling for quirky couples with vibrant decorations from Bloom bows, bright ribbon streamers and trailing bouquets. Yellows, oranges, and pinks collide within the Love Fest collection to produce a day of colour. Detailed Wedding Car ribbon wraps around rainbow bouquets, finished with trails of Amour blue to give a bohemian touch.

Burnt oranges to chestnut browns are brought together in a comforting collection of Autumnal Hues, fitting to those weddings in the cooler season. Blooms flow gently over rust backgrounds in a selection of Fall Flower ribbons, giving dining table floral centrepieces a natural finish. Handcrafted chocolate boxes will make a beautiful gift for the guests, using an Autumn Sprig trim to enhance the luxury flavour inside.

UK wide availability

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Each ribbon undergoes a traditional crafting process with vigorous testing, ensuring the highest quality. With a range of stockists across the UK, our Cheshire ribbon is available with minimal delivery emissions. Berisfords are passionate to provide sustainable packaging solutions for businesses requiring products to have a luxury finish.

Our new wedding ribbon collection provides the perfect selection for any style of wedding. Match the vibrant couple with an Amour bow, making the flowers pop with pink, or finalise beautiful gift packaging with modern Sparkle Congratulations messaging. Find the perfect ribbon for any style of wedding in our Hearts and Flowers collection here, or those requiring a bespoke finish, get in touch.

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