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Spring has officially arrived here in the UK, and with the days getting longer and children currently off school, we couldn’t think of a better way to pass the time than by getting involved in some spring crafting!

Ribbon makes the perfect affordable crafting material, and our wonderful collection of gingham ribbon will take your seasonal crafts to the next level. The best bit? All of our spring craft projects are simple and straight forward, so you don’t have to dedicate hours of your time or a lot of money to create something fun.

Gingham: The unofficial pattern of spring time!

Flowers are blooming and the skies are bluer, it can only mean one thing – spring is here. If you’re taking part in your annual spring clean, then you may also be looking for little creative ways you can welcome spring into your home – it’s easy with gingham ribbon!

Traditional gingham ribbon has been around for as long as we can remember, and for us, it has to be the unofficial pattern for spring. Bright, simple yet classic, our gingham ribbon collection is popular all year round, but come springtime there’s no denying that we receive an influx of orders.

Perfect for adults and kids alike, in today’s blog, we take a look at three simple yet effective ways you can introduce springtime cheer into your lives using our striking check ribbon.

So – let’s jump straight into it!

1.    Gingham ribbon mason jars

Whether you’re storing food, toiletries, stationery or opting for a stylish drinking glass – mason jars have become a widely popular way of storing and displaying things around the home. But – on their own they can look pretty plain, so why not start your spring crafting off with this simple gingham ribbon idea that we just can’t get enough of?

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Our collection of gingham ribbon makes the perfect accompaniment for the humble yet stylish mason jar.

Simply take the checkered ribbon of your choice, ensuring you have a piece long enough to go around the width of the mason jar whilst still allowing you to tie a bow.

The way you secure your ribbon is up to you. You can opt to tie a tight knot around the front before covering this with a pretty bow. Alternatively, for something a little more secure, you can use a hot glue gun to secure the ribbon before tying your bow at the front.

This works perfectly with both our traditional check ribbon and our more subtle sheer gingham ribbon, and takes a matter of minutes to create – perfect!

2.    Weave a gingham ribbon basket

If you’re looking for seasonal storage that will look cute for the spring and summer months? Why not try our 5-minute ribbon basket idea? For this all you need is gingham ribbon in the colour of your choice, and a woven metal basket. The results of this craft are wonderful and will be sure to make a great addition for any room in the home.

Whilst the amount of ribbon you need will vary depending on the size of your basket, we always recommend starting with a big length to give you ample room to work. Starting at the back of your basket, weave your check ribbon in and out working across lengthways around the entire basket until you meet back where you started.

This first length of ribbon will work as a guide to how long the rest of your pieces need to be. You can remove it to measure it up against other strips of ribbon if needed, being mindful to have a little more than you need on each strip so that you can secure them at the end.

Once you have all your strips of gingham ribbon measured and cut to length, continue and repeat the same process around your basket until all the holes have been filled with woven check ribbon.

To secure your ribbon simply use a hot glue gun to seal down the loose ends of ribbon – and there you have it!

3.    Have a creative baking session

Having the kids at home can be a perfect excuse to get creative in the kitchen, and what’s better than some delicious and fun gingerbread men? This spring-inspired craft is perhaps our most straight forward, but it’s a personal favourite of ours, and it’s delicious too!

For this you can follow your favourite gingerbread recipe – or even try it with a biscuit recipe. The ribbon part comes in once your biscuits have cooled enough to enjoy.

ginger gingham - Simple spring projects with gingham ribbon - Berisfords Ribbons

We like to use piping gel which can be purchased from any good baking shop as an adhesive for the gingham ribbon. For this, you want to be opting for the thinnest width available, or alternatively you could cut your checkered ribbon down to an appropriate size.

Simply tie into small bows, or even opt for a cute little scarf as pictured, and secure using your piping gel. Leave to stand for a few hours to ensure your check ribbon is secure before enjoying as a tasty treat or giving as a gift!

Order your gingham ribbon supplies today

Whether you’re looking for the perfect ribbon for crafting projects, or getting last minute supplies for Easter, there’s no better time than now! Here at Berisfords Ribbons we are the trusted manufacturer and supplier of quality gingham ribbon in the UK, so why not get in touch with us today to order your checkered ribbon.


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