What you will need to make your own face mask

What you will need to make your own face mask - What you will need to make your own face mask - Berisfords Ribbons

2021 has seen the demand for protective face masks at an all-time high. Today, we’re sharing with you our how-to on making your own face covering, helping you to stay safe but and look good at the same time!

Why make your own mask?

Whilst there are many styles of face masks available in the marketplace to buy, finding the perfect fit and style to suit you is much more of a challenge. By creating your own fabric mask you can tailor it to your own individual style and comfort, using our durable elastic ribbon to achieve the flawless fit.

Choose from our selection of round or flat elastics and multiple colours to compliment your new mask, you could add a matching shade to your fabric or go bold with a contrasting colour! Unlike disposable, 1 use masks these fabric face coverings can also be washed and reused so they are kinder to the planet too.

How to make your own DIY face masks

Throughout the pandemic we have seen such a lot of creativity, especially when it comes to creating DIY face masks – so if you’d like to try your hand, take a look at our easy process outlined below:

  1. Choose your fabrics

Whether you want to go for something muted or a vibrant pattern to brighten up everyone’s day – your fabric design should be the first thing you decide on. For each face mask you’re looking to make you will need two sheets of fabric (usually 15-inch by 8-inch in size), which should be ironed beforehand to allow for easy folding later on.

  1. Sew the two sides together

If you have a sewing machine, this bit is even easier – but a simple needle and thread will do the job just the same.

Simply sew along the two pieces of fabric on adjacent sides so that they are attached with two gaps at either end.

  1. Folding the material

Once you have nice smooth pieces of fabric, you need to begin folding.

Creating a zig-zag effect, fold the material in one direction, alternating between short folds and slightly longer folds. You should have around 5 folds in total.

  1. Add the elastic ribbon

Once you have picked your desired style of elastic ribbon, you can simply sew it into the sides of the mask. It should only require a few stitches on either side to secure it in place, and there you have it!

A basic DIY face mask.

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