How To Make A Christmas Wreath

Have you ever wondered how to make a Christmas wreath? Here at Berisford Ribbons, our helpful team has put together a simple 8 step guide to help you to make a Christmas wreath of your own.

All you will need is the following:

  • An assortment of buttons
  • x3 berry sprigs
  • x6 mini baubles
  • x6 pieces of wire-roughly 15cm long
  • x4 mini candy canes
  • x1 Plain wicker wreath- 25cm diameter

You can view our full collection of Christmas ribbons to see which ones you would like to use to make your own wreath. Beneath the step images below you can see the ribbons we have used to create the one used in the guide.


The products below were used to create our wreath:

  • Merry Christmas – Article 12330-25mm-Col.8-white x 6 straight cut pieces-30cm long
  • Merry Christmas – Article 12330-25mm-Col.15-red x 5 mitre cut pieces-32cm long
  • Galaxy 60183 10mm red col.1 red & 4 White x 5 mitre cut pieces -14cm each col.
  • Gold Edge satin-7696-25mm-col.15 red x 4 swallow tail cut piece-32cm long
  • Gold Edge satin-7696-15mm-col.1 white x 5 pieces mitre cut -32cm long
  • Satin 3501 3mm red Col.15 and white Col.1 5 straight cut pieces-30cm long both cols.

View our Merry Christmas ribbons, Galaxy star ribbons, Gold Edge satin and Satin ribbons today or for further information contact the knowledgeable, friendly Berisford Ribbons team on 01260 274011.

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