5 Ways to Jazz Up your Outfit with Micro Dot Ribbon

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Whether you’re trying to recreate a favourite look from the past or are simply looking for unique ways to dress up preloved items, micro dot ribbon is an effortless way to do it. Fun, retro and timeless – micro dot and polka dot ribbon can breathe new life into an old accessory or item of clothing, and can make the perfect adornment for your favourite go-to outfit piece.

Recently, more people than ever before are looking for new and inventive ways of getting crafty at home. So, here at Berisfords Ribbons we thought we’d help source some inspiration and share with you our five favourite ways to jazz up an outfit using micro dot ribbon.

It is worth noting that whilst these techniques can be applied to any ribbon of your choice, they go exceptionally well with the micro dot design.

So, let’s get straight into it . . .

The use of micro dot and polka dot in fashion

Micro dot ribbon and polka dot ribbon have been integral throughout the history of fashion. In fact, the polka dot pattern has been going strong since the 1840’s! It’s popularity steadily rose throughout the 19th-century, and we haven’t looked back since.

Today, the polka dot and micro dot pattern is synonymous with fun and vibrancy, reminding us of 60’s mod fashion and the rockabilly era of the 90’s. Just as bold as ever, we can’t see any end to the possibilities of this reliable, effortlessly stylish spotty ribbon.

Five ways you can revamp your outfit using micro dot ribbon

We’ve talked before about the power of the polka dot, and today we’re going to be paying a little attention to its close relative, the micro dot. Dainty, but packing all the fun of the traditional polka dot ribbon, our collection of micro dot ribbon has become amongst out most popular. Bright, versatile and coming in a range of colourways, you can adorn pretty much anything from dresses and shoes to hats and bags.

If like us you love to dress up an outfit with a statement piece, consider these five ideas with micro dot ribbon. You may just find that old fashion accessory comes to life with just a little TLC. . .

  1. Turn a plain strappy heel into a stylish t-strap shoe

There’s nothing quite like a pair of classy strappy heels, but if you’ve been donning the same pair of shoes for every occasion you may find yourself itching to splash the cash on a brand-new pair.

Sound familiar? Well, why not try this simple idea which can give your preloved heels some much needed new personality, at a fraction of the cost! Simply take your micro dot ribbon, in a colour of your choice and loop it around the toe strap, and up through the ankle strap. Depending on the final look you’re aiming for you can either tie the ribbon here into a pretty bow or cut and sew the end for a more simple, minimalist finish.

  1. Create a unique twist on a plain handbag

If you’re a lover of fashion, then you’re likely to have a number of bags you consider to be your favourite go-to accessory. But, if you’re looking for ways to really get the longest life of one of your beloved handbags, this simple tip using micro dot ribbon could be just the thing you needed.

This will work on any bag that already has a strap, whether it be a chain strap, leather or something else. All you need to do is take your spotty ribbon of choice and loop it around the strap of your bag until it meets the other end. From here, you can secure it with a bow, tie knots around the existing hardware to keep it in place simply tie a knot at any point and cut away any excess.

Not only will this give new life to your bag, creating an almost entirely new look, but it will also ensure that you get to enjoy your beloved handbag for even longer!

  1. Create a sleek office look with this simple, no-sew trick

Perhaps you’re new to crafting, in which case you may be hesitant to try anything that requires cutting and sewing. We understand! This method is by far our most simple and can turn any plain shirt into a sleek and stylish piece of clothing for the office or formal occasions.

Really simply, take your favourite satin micro dot ribbon and any collared shirt. We recommend our widest micro dot ribbon for this as it will sit better. With the colour folded up, thread your length of ribbon around the neck, and secure at the front. This looks great with the ribbon tied in a dainty bow, but you can opt to have a tight knot with two lengths dangling down for a more understated finish.

To complete, just fold your collar down and ensure your ribbon is centred right and there you have it! A boring old shirt has now become the talk of the office.

  1. Add some feminine details to your wide sleeve jumpers

A wide sleeve has been highly popular in fashion recently and adding a pop of colour and pattern to a plain jumper has never been so easy with this next tip! Whether you’re dressing up a plain white jumper or combining the perfect complimentary colours for a more vibrant piece of clothing, this is a temporary, yet effective way of using micro dot ribbon.

Simply take your favourite micro dot ribbon in the colour and thickness of your choice (we prefer a wide ribbon for this), and your chosen jumper or wide sleeved top. All you need to do here is tie the ribbon around the bottom section of the sleeve, leaving around a cuff in length.

Secure your ribbon in a bow and use a small safety pin to secure. This should be small enough that it cannot easily be seen and can be removed without causing any damage to the garment.

  1. Dress up with a belt

Whether it’s a pair of jeans, trousers or a floaty dress – a belt is the ultimate accessory. You can dress up or down with the right belt, and our final tip is one of our favourites for versatility!

To do this, all you really need is a length of micro dot ribbon, and your item of clothing. This will work on pants, skirts or even dresses, but it is worth noting that it is purely for fashion purposes, and probably won’t do much good as a practical way of keeping clothes held up!

There’s no fine art involved here, simply thread the ribbon through belt loops, or if attaching to a dress or skirt that doesn’t have loops, just tie it around the waist or hips and secure in a knot or bow. This is a look which can be used on most outfits, and can be switched up in a matter of minutes – so why not give it a try?

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