Three Decorative Ways with Ropes and Twine

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With over 160 years of industry experience, and an extensive range of ribbons, bows, textures and trimmings to choose from, we consider ourselves well-versed in creative design. Many of our ribbons have been featured as part of branding, used in art and fashion – many even accompanying products from some of your favourite well-known brands. But, when it comes to adding something a little different and unique, we can’t get enough!

Rope, more commonly known as Rattail cord, is one such material that we love here at Berisfords Ribbons. Unique, stand-out and truly effective, our rope collection has been a popular one over the years, and used to complement a range of applications.

Combined with ribbon it can create a beautifully rustic design, used alone it can serve as a practical alternative for lacing and button loops. It can be used in a variety of ways to add decorative features in a way traditional ribbon simply cannot – and today, we’re going to be sharing three of our favourites with you!

The hand-made look

Whether you’re a big corporate business, an independently run online boutique or simply someone who loves crafting – the hand-made look has always been hugely popular. There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift or purchase that has an element of human personal touch, and rope ribbon is the perfect way to achieve this.

Here at Berisfords Ribbons, our rope ribbon collection spans over a dozen colourways ranging from neutrals to vibrant pops of colour, allowing you to add the perfect finishing touch to your application. Whether this be gift wrapping, hand-made cards, or something else, applying our coloured rope ribbon will instantly add that unique, extra-special flourish you’ve been looking for.

The extravagant look

Ribbon has long since been a favourite for creating elegant and timeless looks. This is true across all sectors, including fashion with clothing and accessories frequently featuring different types of ribbon. In crafting and the arts, as well as cuisine and decoration, where ribbon has been used to add texture, details and finesse to a finished product.

One way in which we love to see our rope ribbon being used is alongside more traditional ribbon for a truly extravagant look. Our range of ribbons is vast, including satin, sustainable and seasonal ribbon. And, when combined with the rustic qualities of rattail cord, make for a unique and truly special final product.

The functional look

Although we specialise in a wide range of ribbon types, many of our applications are designed to be aesthetically pleasing but may be too delicate to be used in practical ways. Our collection of rope ribbon offers the best of both worlds and can be used to add both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Use your favourite rope ribbon from our collection for everything from lacing to button loops, or even as a unique and decorative hanger loop. Not only will it hold fast against light to moderate weight, but it will also look fantastic!

Order your rope ribbon supplies today

Our collection of wholesale rope ribbon is both pretty and different, making it the ideal option for those who are looking to create a unique craft or something a little special. We’re the UK’s number 1 for wholesale ribbon, offering the highest quality coloured rope ribbon, great for a range of applications – so get in touch today to find out more!

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