Wrapping up Christmas

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As we move into the later half of the year, the diary begins to fill with festive plans for Christmas, conjuring thoughts of the family gathering together in a cosy, decorative setting. Berisfords offer those luxury touches that form a magical setting for guests. Gifts elegantly packaged with luxury Cheshire crafted Christmas bows and trims made with sustainable elements, aiding in the protection of our planet.

From leaping reindeer to festive canines, through to traditional shimmering gold and deep green tones, a striking bow can transform your gift and make any guest feel appreciated and valued. Each ribbon is crafted in-house through traditional weaving, colouring, coating and cutting techniques, that have been practiced since 1858.

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Make it the most sustainable time of the year

At Berisfords, we understand the waste that can occur at Christmas, with the effect of plastic wrapping and Sellotape adding to growing landfills. We provide eco-friendly, sustainable ribbon, often crafted with recycled materials, ensuring your packaging choices are as sustainable as possible.

Caring for the environment does not equate to substandard quality. Berisford weaves ribbons with the highest care and quality, allowing use year after year – making this the perfect solution for sustainability and cutting costs on gift decoration each Christmas.

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It’s what on the outside that matters

The idea of a ‘one-day’ Christmas has long since passed, as the entirety of December is now considered the month of seasonal activities and festivities. As soon as the first of the month strikes, we throw ourselves into brightly lit markets, we adorn our homes with decorations and hide gifts from high to low.

Add detail to each of those presents under the tree, with a forest-theme, woodland gnome ribbon or a contemporary black marble trim. Show the recipient how amazing they are by giving that thoughtful gift the perfect touch.

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A personalised gift never fails

Christmas is a time to convey your appreciation for your closest friends and family, but how to express this through a gift? Unique and personalised presents are a wonderful way to show your adoration, neatly tied up in a bow.

The more traditional giftee will appreciate the beautiful shimmer of a precious jewel ribbon or a complimentary Merry Christmas bow.

Shopping for the unconventional? A sparkling bee or a rich green, palm leaf bow can show you truly understand your wonderful recipient.

Compliment your giftee’s present with one of our impressive, sustainable ribbons from our large range of packaging solutions. Looking for something a little more specific? Our team can work with you to find the perfect match for your needs.

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