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Polka dot ribbon is a classic accessory that has been used throughout the decades to add a pop of fun and colour to festivities – and today is no different! From decadent décor to retro fashion, spotty ribbon is just as popular now as it ever was, and we can see why!

Our collection of bold satin polka dot ribbon is not only soft to the touch, elegant and vibrant, making it the ideal flourish for a party or get together – but it is also a timeless design that will complement almost every occasion! So, if you’re planning to throw a party and are looking for inspiration – you’ve come to the right place!

From ribbon canopies to charming table decoration and unique bunting – today we’re sharing three simple ways you can incorporate our retro Polka dot satin ribbon into your celebrations.

Polka dot ribbon – perfect for a retro-themed party!

Whilst you may not have thought about it before, there’s no better way to throw a shindig than to include a famous well-known theme. The 60’s was a huge time for fashion and culture, with polka dots right at the centre of it all – so why not think about combining all the classics, including our polka dot ribbon for a truly impressive party?

Throwing a themed party doesn’t have to be difficult, and in fact, you can create an authentic atmosphere with just a few simple DIY touches here and there. So, if a 60’s themed party sounds right up your street – check out these three easy ways to incorporate spotty ribbon to create the perfect retro-themed décor.

  1. Take your party outside with polka dot ribbon canopies

Canopies are the perfect decoration for a DIY party and are pretty straight forward to make too! Although nice both indoors and out, if you’re thinking of hosting a summer get together our polka dot ribbon canopies look truly wonderful outdoors!

Simple, yet effective you don’t need much to make your very own spotty ribbon canopy, and can create the look with just the following:

  • Satin polka dot ribbon in your choice of width and colour
  • Multiple places to hang the ribbon from

It may sound too good to be true but creating a canopy really doesn’t need much and you can create perfect décor in less than an hour! To make your own polka dot ribbon canopy, the first thing you need to do is decide how large you want it to be. The bigger space you plan to take up with your canopy, the more pieces of ribbon you will need. Once you have established this, deciding on the length of the ribbon will be the next bit.

Do you want your canopy to be big and dramatic, with pieces reaching as low as floor level? Or perhaps you want to create a somewhat shorter focal piece? Decide this and cut your ribbon to the appropriate lengths before getting started.

Finally, you need at least two places to thread your ribbon and hang from. If you’re building spotty ribbon canopy for indoors, have a look to see if you have rafters which work wonderfully with canopies. If you don’t, simply attach two separate pieces of string to the ceiling – securing them in place at both ends – and thread your ribbon through. This is the same for outdoor canopies, remembering that you can attach them anywhere as they are not permanent and do not weigh heavily.

  1. Embellish your party-wear with polka dot ribbon

Whether you’re simply not that crafty or you are looking for something simple that the kids can get involved in, decorating your table with ribbon is an effortless way to add fine details that really get noticed.

Now, there are plenty of ways you can dress up the table with ribbon – but if the idea of a ribbon centrepiece seems too daunting, why not simply tie your satin polka dot ribbon into pretty bows around serving jugs, cocktail glasses and condiment containers for an easy yet effective way of keeping your party theme strong?

  1. Go all out with polka dot ribbon bunting

Bunting is a must-have when it comes to DIY party décor, and our collection of vibrant polka dot ribbon makes for the perfect choice when it comes to creating charming, eye-catching decorations.

Ribbon bunting is pretty straight forward to make but looks fantastic once hung up on the wall. All you need is:

  • Your choice of polka dot ribbon colours
  • A length of string
  • Blu-tac or Sellotape to attach to the wall

You can opt to go for one colour of spotty ribbon or combine a few different colourways for a more bold look – simply check out our range of colours for inspiration.

To create your polka dot satin ribbon bunting, simply cut your ribbon into matching lengths. Doing one strand at a time, loop your ribbon around the bunting string and tie a knot around the string to fasten, leaving the desired length hanging down. Continue to add your ribbon moving along in the same way until you have completed your full strip and are ready to hang to the wall.

Order your satin polka dot ribbon supplies today

Whether you’re throwing a 60’s-themed party or are simply hoping to impress guests with homemade décor that looks the part, our collection of quality polka dot ribbon is a great choice! Available in a range of widths and colourways, why not get in touch with us today to find out how we can help!

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