A country touch with Twine and Rope ribbons

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It cannot be denied, the rustic look will never go out of style. Whether you are crafting a handmade gift, or delicately designing wedding favours and invites, the appearance of a decorative Rope or Twine can provide an organic, country essence to any project. With a wide selection of textures and colours, any theme can be catered for.

Understanding the trending choices, Berisfords provides a collection filled with a multitude of options, available for every passionate crafter across the UK. Each traditionally woven Twine and Rope ribbon is created with the intention of durability, quality and style.

A wedding invitation to remember

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Those with a flair for crafts during wedding preparation are offered a varied and luxurious collection with the unique Twines and Ropes range. Weddings looking to capture a natural tone will revel in the versatility of twisted twine, perfect for creating a bespoke and beautiful wedding invitation; ensuring it is a day to remember for everyone.


However, those wanting to add a glamorous element will be thrilled by the narrow metallic smooth option. Gold ribbon rope can elegantly coordinate with other ribbon types to create multi-looped and layered décor. With a fine wire ensuring the gold or silver ribbon keeps its shape, recipients of invitations will be engrossed by the gorgeous appeal (guaranteeing every guest RSVPs)!

Crafting for a rustic tone

Bakers twine 300x164 - A country touch with Twine and Rope ribbons - Berisfords Ribbons

If you’re looking for popular crafting choices, Berisfords have developed the key favourites to match any potential project. Bakers Twine particularly appeals to the keen home bakers with its flickers of colour bringing a vibrant, traditional appearance to preserve jars or gift packaging.

Fashion enthusiasts aiming to add an individual touch to their outfits will enjoy the options available within the rope ribbon collection. From Rose Gold to Peacock Blue, the collection offers the perfect colours and materials to add a truly distinctive look to clothing. Popular choices for its usage are buttonholes, lacing, and jewellery to create the ideal, distinctive look.

Beautiful bouquets

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Blooming bouquets of whites and yellows are a beautiful addition to a rustic-themed wedding. How better to dress them than with a traditional paper-brown twine looping elegantly across and tied in a bow? Create multiple bridesmaid bouquets before finishing the brides with the addition of smooth gold rope.


If you are looking for the ideal Twine or Rope to complete gifts, invitations and more! Berisfords offers the ultimate collection all in one place. Classic tones or vibrant additions, there is something for everyone. Browse the collection or for something a little more bespoke, Contact us.

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