3 Creative uses for rainbow ribbon

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Whether you’re celebrating Gay Pride this summer, have a children’s party coming up or are looking for creative ways to express your fun and quirky side – our collection of rainbow ribbon has been a firm favourite for many years.

Playful and striking, this multicoloured striped ribbon is certainly an all year-round best-seller. Children love the bright colours and with a special nod around summertime to Gay Pride, there are few wholesale ribbons on the market quite as adaptable as our rainbow ribbon!

So – whether you’re planning a party, or attending your local gay pride parade, we’ve got everything you need to don your creative ribbons in style this year!

1.    Wear your stripes with pride
Whatever your plans are this summer, there’s no better way to wear your stripes with pride than accessorising your favourite jacket or coat with one of our wonderful rainbow ribbons. Available in a range of widths, you can adorn your clothing, bags or hats as much or as little as you like with vibrant Gay Pride ribbon.

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Vibrant, playful and bold – here at Berisfords Ribbons, we’re proud to say that our signature rainbow ribbon has made the perfect accessory to demonstrate support for Gay Pride for many years – and 2021 is no different!

Whether you plan on going bold, or are looking for something a little more subtle? Our collection of classic or sheer rainbow ribbon offers the perfect solution for wearing your stripes any way you like.This year we also have the new addition of Rainbow ombre to the range which is already proving popular and perfectly complements our rainbow inspired collection

Love our Rainbow ombre ribbon? Why not wear it in your hair, whether as part of a ponytail or as a headband, our sheer creative ribbon is both striking and elegant!

2.    Host your own rainbow party!

Is your little one’s birthday coming up? Why not host your very own rainbow party to celebrate? Our multicoloured striped ribbon is the perfect accessory to dress up a party, whether you’re making rainbow streamers, attaching it to balloons or dressing up your chairs and table for a pop of colour – hosting your children’s rainbow party has never been so easy!

Here are a couple of ways you can get the most out of your rainbow ribbon this year!

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Ribbon straw accessories

What’s a party without a beverage or two? Whether you’re offering up cocktails or cute soft drinks – why not incorporate some of our brilliant rainbow ribbon for an extra element of fun?

These straws are super easy to make, incredibly photogenic and are sure to leave a lasting impression on your party guests. All you need is some of our rainbow ribbon, some straws and white paper to cut out some simple clouds – and you’re done!

Rainbow Art.60003 - 3 Creative uses for rainbow ribbon - Berisfords Ribbons

Snack decoration
A party needs few things to be successful, but one of the must-haves are snacks, and what kind of party host would you be if you didn’t dress them up for the occasion?

Ideal for any kind of party, both our classic rainbow ribbon and our sheer multicoloured striped ribbon make for the perfect simple accessory for jars, glasses and bowls – and you can achieve an effective look simply by tying these into bows. Give it a try – your guests will love it!

3.    Gifting wrapping

One of the best things about our creative ribbon is that it can be used for so many different applications and occasions! So, if you’ve no big event to attend, don’t worry – our multicoloured striped ribbon is just as good as a gift! If you have someone special that you want to spoil, then why not consider dressing up their gift in our special rainbow ribbon? Combine our classic rainbow ribbon with its sheer counterpart for an elegantly wrapped gift, or simply use one ribbon of your choice for a rainbow gift that will be treasured forever.

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4.   Celebrate the NHS

There’s no denying that 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been challenging. The pandemic has impacted the entire country and beyond, but for those in the UK – there has been one shining beacon of hope in the NHS.

The rainbow has quickly become synonymous with our beloved NHS Heroes, and as we slowly and gradually move out of lockdown, the rainbow remains a popular display in the windows of homes up and down the country.

So, if you’re planning to celebrate the reuniting of friends and loved ones this summer, donning your creative ribbon with pride can be a wonderful way of doing so whilst giving a much-deserved nod to the NHS.

Order your rainbow ribbon supplies

Here at Berisfords, we’ve been supplying rainbow ribbon for decades years, and as one of the most trusted rainbow ribbon suppliers in the UK – there’s no better place to go for yours.

Whether you’re opting for our classic rainbow ribbon or our sheer multicoloured striped ribbon, our entire collection is available to order today – so why not get in touch with us to order your wholesale ribbon?

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