Hen Party

Article 14748 & 14749

Art. 14748 Col. 1

Art. 14749 Col. 1

Art. 14781 Col. 1

Hen Party Art. 14748

Celebrate the brides last night of freedom with this rose gold metallic print on white satin ribbon, perfect for adding a pretty detail to party bags.


Team Bride Art. 14749

Create hen party accessories like wristbands for group games with this rose gold foil slogan design of ‘team bride’ on shiny satin ribbon.


I Do Crew Art. 14781 (makes approx 13 sashes) and a bag of 5 pre-made sashes Art. X44614

‘I Do Crew’ it’s time to party! So celebrate in stylish rose gold bridal sashes that you can make yourself or buy a bag of 5 pre-made ready to go.

Art. 14748
WIDTHS: 25mm
REELS: 20m

Art. 14749
WIDTHS: 25mm
REELS: 20m

100% Polyester

washing_symbols-nowash-_05 washing_symbols-cross-triangle_07 washing_symbols-no-iron_12 washing_symbols-crossed-circle-_17 washing_symbols-cross-circle_16

Art. 14781
WIDTHS: 70mm
REELS: 20m

100% Polyester

Washing_Symbols-50line_03 Washing_Symbols-cross-triangle_07 Washing_Symbols-iron1spot_09 Washing_Symbols-P_12 Washing_Symbols-open-circle_15

Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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