Mum’s Flower Patch

Article 80775, 80551, 80776, 80777, 80324 & 80325

Inspired by blossoming gardens

The words love on a white background

Love Art. 80775 Col. 1

Flamingo heart Mother's Day ribbon

Flamingo Heart Art. 80551 Col. 1

Butterfly’s, hearts and flowers on a white background

Spring Bloom Art. 80776 Col. 1

Butterfly’s, watering can and flowers on a white background

Flower Patch Art. 80777 Col. 1

Happy Mothers Day Ribbon

Happy Mothers Day Art. 80324 Col. 3

Floral Mothers Day Ribbon

Petal Art. 80325 Col. 3

What better way to show Mum you care than this botanical inspired ribbon collection that celebrates everything Love and flowers. Inspired by blossoming gardens these hand painted floral designs capture springtime perfectly with pretty butterflies, greenery and petals.

Art. 80776
WIDTH: 15mm
REELS: 25m

Art. 80551 80324 & 80325
WIDTH: 25mm
REELS: 20m

Art. 80775, 80777
WIDTH: 25mm
REELS: 25m


Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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