Farmyard Animals



Ducks Col. 1

Cows Col. 1

Pigs Col. 1

Sheep Col. 1

Dogs Col. 1

Cats Col. 1

ART. 80003 DUCKS
We are just quackers about this new transfer design, ducks printed in classic black and white against a duck egg blue background create a trim that’s all about country chic.

ART. 80027 COWS
A farmyard favourite, this mauve pink printed trim with monochrome cows combines vintage and modern seamlessly.

ART. 80028 PIGS
This little piggy joins the animal inspired collection with sky blue background and linear printed pigs and ‘oink’ sound effects.

ART. 80031 SHEEP
This woolly flock of sheep surrounded by a rich apricot orange background offers a refreshing and trendy take on our farm friends.

ART. 80029 DOGS
Mans best friend, this fun spaniel design set against an apple green backdrop is a popular addition ideal for dog lovers on any occasion.

ART. 80030 CATS
For all lovers of furry felines, a contrast of raspberry pink and black and white printed cats combine to create a striking ribbon design.

WIDTHS: 25mm
REELS: 20m

Washing_Symbols-50line_03 Washing_Symbols-cross-triangle_07 Washing_Symbols-iron1spot_09 Washing_Symbols-P_12 Washing_Symbols-open-circle_15

Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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