Printed Easter ribbons

A collection of Easter ribbons

Easter Chick Art. 80358 Col. 1

Egg Hunt Art. 80359 Col. 1

Egg Hunt Art. 80359 Col. 2

Hoppy Easter Art. 80360 Col. 1

Easter Bunny Art. 80361 Col. 1

Dotty Art. 80362 Col. 1

Chevron Art. 80363 Col.1

A fun and modern print collection of Easter inspired ribbon designs. Choose from spring chicks, eggs and bunnies with playful slogans or complimenting polka dots and chevron stripes perfect for Easter crafting and customising chocolate gifts.

Easter Chick, Article 80358

Egg Hunt, Article 80359

Hoppy Easter, Article 80360

Easter Bunny, Article 80361

Dotty, Article 80362

Chevron, Article 80363

Art. 80358, 80359, 80360, 80361
WIDTH: 25mm

Art. 80362, 80363
WIDTHS: 15, 25 & 40mm

Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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