Boys Birthday

Fantastic boys celebration ribbons

Racing Car Art. 80503 Col.1

Checkered Flag Art. 80229 Col.1

Football Fan Art. 80506 Col.1

Birthday Bunting Art.80504 Col.1

Birthday Pirate Art.80505 Col.1

Skull & Bones Art.13652 Col.1

All aboard for a Birthday adventure, this new collection of boys celebration ribbons includes favourites like pirates, racing cars and football fun perfect for children’s Birthday parties and gifts.


Racing Car, Article 80503

Checkered Flag, Article 80229

Football Fan, Article 80506

Birthday Bunting, Article 80504

Birthday Pirate, Article 80505

Skull and Bones, Article 13652

Art. 80503, 80506, 80504 & 80505
WIDTH: 25mm
REELS: 25m

Art. 80229 & 13652
WIDTH: 15 & 25mm
REELS: 20m

Article: 80503, 80229, 80506, 80504 & 80505

Article 13652:

Washing_Symbols-50line_03 Washing_Symbols-cross-triangle_07 Washing_Symbols-iron1spot_09 Washing_Symbols-P_12 Washing_Symbols-open-circle_15


Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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