Baby Zoo


Mini Dots Art. 80453 Col. 1

Mini Dots Art. 80453 Col. 2

Mini Dots Art. 80453 Col. 3

Baby Shower Parade Art. 80452 Col. 1

It's a Girl Art. 80451 Col. 1

Animal Parade Art. 80450 Col. 1

It's a Boy Art. 80449 Col. 1

A new collection of baby ribbons inspired by zoo animals and hand-drawn by our in house design team. Choose from cute Zebras, Giraffes and Elephants in pink, blue or white for wrapping baby shower, births and christening gifts.


Mini Dots, Article 80453

Baby Shower Parade, Article 80452

It’s a Girl, Article 80451

Animal Parade, Article 80450

It’s a Boy, Article 80449


Art. 80453
WIDTH: 15mm
REELS: 25m

Art. 80452, 80451, 80450 & 80449
WIDTH: 25mm
REELS: 25m

100% Polyester


Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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