Fabric Lamination Service

Using the very latest in hot melt processing technology and spray lamination, Berisfords Ribbons are now able to provide you with a quality Lamination service that is suitable for all areas of fabric lamination.

What are laminated fabrics?

Laminated cotton fabrics are made when two or more layers of fabrics are bonded together using a polymer film, this is what causes the laminate material to have its shiny effect. The strength which comes when the fabrics are bonded together is why these fabrics are often used on products such as raincoats, which need to be tough and sturdy.

How to make laminated cotton fabric by melting:

How we make our laminated fabrics here at Berisfords Ribbons is through a process called the hot melt gravure process. This is very precise and requires just the right level of adhesive on all of our laminated cotton fabric. Here is how we use this process to achieve such high-quality results:

  • In the hot-melt gravure process, PUR adhesive is heated until the required level of viscosity is achieved.
  • As the rotating gravure roller contacts the adhesive, the cavities of the engraved surface fill with adhesive material.
  • A doctor blade then controls the level of adhesive that is to be applied to the fabric to ensure that it is just the right amount.

The end result is a very controllable and consistent bond level that can be fully durable and of permanent bond strength.

Hot Melt Benefits

Due to the flexibility of this process, finished laminations retain a high degree of handle softness making this the perfect lamination process for both high performance and lightweight technical fabric composites. To make the highest quality fabrics available, the hot melt gravure process is definitely the way to go. It has ultimate precision and relatively high production rate in comparison to other methods as it allows for large amounts of fabric to be made, all in keeping with our constant high standards.

We Offer

Hot Melt lamination is generally regarded within the industry as the leader in process lamination bonding techniques. It is one of the most premium quality laminated fabric services in the UK. Berisfords Ribbons supply a comprehensive range of stock line nylon and cotton backing fabrics that are suitable for all lamination requirements. All fabrics are further supported by our ability to offer a full special colour service utilising our own internal dye house. A full development and sampling service is available upon request.


Still unsure as to whether you need a laminated fabric material? Here is a list of uses for laminated fabrics:
Lingerie and Swimwear (including Foam and Fibrefill)
General garment textiles
Household Goods
Building Industry


To make cotton fabric waterproof the material needs to be laminated to a waterproof membrane. This is achieved using the latest hot melt process which uses microscopic adhesive on the surface of the material which bonds with another to form a composite.
Yes! Although this depends on the application your fabric is intended for and therefore the process used. There are two types of finishes one is permanent and the other semi-permanent. Only fabric with a permanent finish is suitable for washing.
Laminated fabrics offer more durability and tenacity than standard fabrics, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. From outerwear such as raincoats to workwear, lingerie and equestrian – laminated fabric produces a controllable bond that retains a high degree of handle and softness, perfect for high performance and lightweight technical composites.

Hot melt lamination – industry leader in process lamination bonding techniques

Whilst every effort has been made to simulate colours, these are as close as the screen resolution allows.

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